Welcome to Applause!

Director, Barbara Miller, has been teaching dance for 40 years. Her experience and knowledge are a combination that result in dancers that are technically advanced, appreciate the arts and perform with a true love of dance. The staff works together to ensure that everyone enjoys their dancing and progresses to their full potential.

At Applause Dance Academy, it is our intention to provide you with motivating, enjoyable and fulfilling classes by promoting creativity and self-confidence. We aim to maintain our students natural love of dance and to build self-esteem, poise and confidence through positive encouragement.

We believe dance is for everyone and has many benefits: Co-ordination, concentration and focus, communication and creative expression, co-operation through teamwork, courtesy, manners and respect for others.

Applause teachers have different training backgrounds and offer a variety of experiences and styles. Each is committed to bringing out the best in each student. In addition, each teacher follows safe dance practices so that each dancer has a fun and educational experience!

Starts Thursday June 25th - Online only $35
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